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Kids Drawing


At the moment lots of grandparents are in isolation and lots of school children are at home - that is the most sensible, responsible and safe thing to do.

It can be hard though for both sides who will miss each other and may also be feeling lonely or at a loss for ways to connect. 

If you need ideas on how to keep in SAFE contact and keep hearts and minds filled with fun and creativity keep reading!

How about creating a home learning project based on your grandparents quite wonderful – and gangsta - lives!

Via phone or email (with the bill payers permission) get in touch with your grandparent and find out fun facts that you never knew about your own FANTASTIC FAMILY!

For example: what was their first ever pet (my Grandma had a monkey!), what was their favourite toy (a bear made of socks?!), what was their favourite game to play? (mine used to make a trampoline out of bedsheets!). What did their school look like? What were THEIR Grandparents like? There are MILLIONS of things you could ask them (but best to stick to just a few!). And they don’t have to answer them all (more suggestions below).

Once you have your fun facts you can create your project. This can be ANYTHING! A drawing, a written story, a mini movie, a comic strip – whatever you'd like to do. If your Grandparents have told you something REALLY interesting you could even find out more about what life was like for them when they were kids by going online – some of them will have seen the moon landings! Or marched for women’s rights! Ask for your grown-up's permission and help and add that to your project.

Once your project is complete (and AWESOME as I know it will be!) share it with your Grandparent! Ask your grown up if they can do this via email, text message or any other clever electronic way you can think of.

It’s very simple and fun. You’ll learn lots about REAL history and about your REALLY BRILLIANT Grandparents.

It doesn’t have to be a Grandparent – aunts, uncles, lovely family friends are just as BRILLIANT. But they must be known to you AND your grown ups.

ALWAYS check with your grown up before you call or email – it would be best if they were with you whilst you call or email too (they might even be helpful!). And ONLY contact people with the agreement of your grown up and the person you are contacting.

ALWAYS be super polite when asking questions and ALWAYS say a BIG THANK YOU to them for chatting with you.


There are LOADS! What was their favourite food? What TV programmes did they watch? What was their favourite holiday? What was their best ever birthday present? What was their favourite book and why did they like it? What other questions can YOU think of? 

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